Motorcycle solid state relay and fuse module - Power distribution / Bitronix

Code RFB-7152
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Code RFB-7152
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    Motorcycle solid state relay and fuse module - Power distribution

    Manufacturer : Bitronix


    Use on : Non-specific

    Model : Non-specific

    Part Number : RFB-7152


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    This compact and lightweight module replaces all of the existing relays and fuses requirements in one neat package.


    • Starter relay with soft start up to 180 Amp
    • Vbat power fuse - 30 Amp
    • Ignition relay + fuse 15 Amp
    • Ignition relay + fuse 15 Amp
    • Fuel pump relay + fuse of your choice


    • Main battery connection via 6mm terminal
    • Starter motor output via 6mm terminal
    • Ignition switch input - Connect to any 12v supply to turn ON the two ignition relay outputs
    • Starter switch input - Connect to ground to activate the starter output
    • Fuel pump - Connect to ground (typically via ECU) to activate the pump output via a 5mm terminal

    Unlike standard start solenoids these devices feature:

    • Lighter weight
    • Provide a linear 170amp power delivery to the starter motor enabling better starting even with poor battery condition, and better battery charge life (more starts per charge) – Known as ‘Soft Start’ so less damag to starter clutches
    • Normal mechanical start solenoids have a large in-rush current (up to 360 Amp) this causes an initial voltage drop which is not great for electrical systems such as ECU and dashboard, with 'Soft Start' this current is limited to only supply what the motor needs and voltage remains more consistent.
    • Thermal cut-out to save overheating of the starter motor
    • No need for re-circulation diodes in the wiring
    • Sealed for life and no moving parts.
    • No special mounting needed

    Supplied with a rugged housing and base plate to provide electrical isolation.

    Circuit board assembly is fully potted and resin sealed